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The 17th Florida State AOH/LAOH Convention
Sheraton Orlando North Hotel, 600 North Lake Destiny Drive, Maitland, FL 32751-4124
Hercules Room
October 5, 2013

Since our last State Board meeting, I have continued to remain fully active as a Hibernian by attending the meetings of the Fulton J. Sheen Division while engaging in the activities of the State Board. Wedding

Through the combined efforts of State Webmaster Brother Michael Shilale and myself, we have greatly expanded our Florida State AOH Website.  Since its establishment, much information has been added.  This includes sections dealing with Irish History; Irish Government; Irish Culture, Arts and Gaelic Sport information; Irish Language topics; Catholic Beliefs and Irish Saints; Calendar of Events; News updates; Listings of the Irish American Heritage Month Proclamations; State and National Rosters; Prominent Irish Links; an AOH Division Directory; Membership applications and Job search assistance; Irish Businesses support; and National and State official documents.  Each week, new information continues to be posted.  Through the use of a username and password, access to all official Hibernian documents and rosters are now protected.  The site is extremely attractive and easy to navigate through.  We encourage our Brothers throughout the State to make use of the information and resources that have been made available to you.

Since the beginning of January of this year, I have traveled over 8,000 miles across Florida attending various AOH related functions.  Some of these responsibilities included the following:

  • Attending the Brevard Division Tribunals on January 8th and January 23;
  • Attending and serving as the Prosecutor for the State Tribunal on January 10;
  • Holding a Florida State Executive Board Meetings;
  • Attending Parade meetings in Brevard County;
  • Attending Brevard 2 Division meetings;
  • Installing the Pinellas 2 Division Officers on January 19th;
  • Attending the Orlando reception welcoming Honorary Consul Terence J. Delahunty for Ireland in Florida on January 30;
  • Serving as guest speaker for the monthly Craic Sessions at Meg O’Malley’s in Melbourne;
  • Attending the St. Brigid’s Mass at Light of Christ Church in Clearwater on February 3rd.
  • Attending the Florida State Fair on International Day, on February 14th at the FL State fairgrounds;
  • Taking part in the State Presidents’ Call in with our National President;
  • Attending the Wake and Prayer Service for Bishop Dorsey on February 27 at St. James Cathedral in Orlando and his Funeral Mass at the Basilica of Mary, Queen of the Universe on February 28;
  • Traveling to Hernando County later that evening to install the new Bishop Norbert Dorsey Division;
  • Attending the St. Patrick’s Day observances in Brevard County, Martin County, and the Villages.
  • Attending a funeral & burial ceremony for Brother Michael Brennan in Pinellas Co. on April 18;
  • Traveling to Hernando County, later that afternoon to present the Hibernian Charter to our newly installed Division.
  • Traveling to Pasco County on May 2nd to install Division 2’s new officers.
  • Attending the SB Meeting at the Sheridan Hotel on May 4;
  • Meeting in June with Bishop John Noonan of Orlando to discuss Diocese support for future expansion of the AOH into Central Florida;
  • Visiting Molly Malone’s proprietor for future support with AOH activities in the Tampa area;
  • Meeting with representative of the LAOH for selecting the location and planning the program for the State Convention;
  • Attending periodic John Barry Memorial meetings in Melbourne for the John Barry Memorial Ceremony in September at Cape Canaveral;
  • Attending and speaking on behalf of the AOH at the 9/11 Memorial Service in Martin County on September 11;
  • Attending and speaking on behalf of the AOH at the Commodore John Barry Ceremony on September 14 in Cape Canaveral;
  • Attending the Hernando Division 1 meeting on September 19 and meeting with Jim Cahill, the State Vice President Candidate.

In January, I once again wrote to our Governor and requesting that March be designated as “Irish American Heritage Month” in recognition of Irish American contributions to the State of Florida.  In addition to this, request letters went out to different county boards and to city/town governments throughout Florida.  Using the templets I created, a number of Division Presidents contacted their county and local government councils.  With our joint effort, we exceeded the successful responses obtained last year.  By the time March passed, 37 proclamations were received from State, County and local governments.  We greatly surpassed last year’s efforts.

Through persistence, we also succeeded in having a United Ireland Resolution approved in the Florida State Senate.  That resolution is posted for review on this website under the “Culture” Menu Tab.  With the reelection of the State Board for another term, Jim and I will be working with our new FFAI Chairman, Brother Shawn Sidway, to secure passage of this Resolution within the Florida House of Representatives.

In April, the State Board secured a new and much improved Florida AOH State Board Banner without incurring any cost to the state.

As previously stated, much work and time had been devoted to securing the location of our 2013 State Convention and in organising the events that needed to take place.  Many hours were also spent in designing and producing our State Convention Journal.

Overall, the State Board had a very productive year and looks forward to serving our Brothers in future endeavors for the benefit of our Order.

Respectfully submitted by,

Greg Seán Canning
Florida State President