A New Division is installed in Hernando County

Through the efforts of Florida State Organizer Joe LaGuardia, a new Division was established in Hernando County on February 28th, 2013.  At that time, State President Greg Seán Canning, State Organizer Joe LaGuardia, and State Historian Patrick Ripton officially welcomed our new Brothers into the Ancient Order of Hibernians and conducted for their new Division a Shamrock Degree.

Following this ceremony, the new Brothers met and elected their first Division Officers. At that point, State President Canning installed these Officers, including Division President Dr. Michael Higgins, into office. That evening, the Brothers voted and adopted “Bishop Norbert Dorsey” as the name of their Division.

The 2013 – 2015 Division Officers are as follows:
*  President Dr. Michael Higgins;
*  Vice President Matthew McNamee;
*  Financial Secretary James Cahill;
*  Recording Secretary Michael Owens;
*  Treasurer Robert Christe;
*  Standing Committee Chairman Col. Michael Maurer;
*  Marshall Gene Owens; and
*  Sentinel Martin McNiff.

The Division Chaplain is Fr. Bruce King.

09 Charter

On Thursday evening, April 18th, State President Greg Seán Canning, Florida State Organizer Joe LaGuardia, and Past State Treasurer Jack Marshall formally presented Division President Dr. Michael Higgins and the officers of this Division with their new Charter.