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While the Good Friday Agreement has brought a welcome peace to northeast Ulster, many problems and challenges still exist for the nationalist communities. Recent and past events in the six northern counties of Ireland exemplify why the support from FFAI is still essential to the continued success of the Agreement.

  • Flag protests in Belfast,
  • violent loyalist marches through Catholic areas,
  • burning of nationalist and catholic effigies and symbols on the 12th of July,
  • reneging by the DUP on the Long Kesh peace memorial project,
  • ridicule of Nationalist politicians for using the Irish language,
  • recent imprisonments and convictions of nationalists by kangaroo courts, and
  • the continued obstruction of truth and justice by the British government and Unionist politicians.

These examples identify just a few of the challenges and injustices still faced by the Nationalist communities within the Six Counties.

The need for a strong commitment by our AOH Brothers to this year’s Christmas Appeal is extremely important if we are to work effectively to accomplish our mission as Hibernians to achieve for the Irish people a “United and Free 32 County Nation”.

Without your financial support, we cannot assist is addressing the injustices imposed upon nationalist communities by unionists, nor support those programs that promote cross community cooperation, social change, economic development, political prisoner family support, and cross boarder collaboration.

Without your financial support through the Christmas Appeal, the FFAI would become an ineffective tool that would only serve to please the militant unionist population and those who would like to see a reversal of the progress that has been made since the implementation of the Agreement at the turn of the century.

To achieve our goals for this coming year, Paul and I are asking every State, County and Division President to recommit themselves to our Hibernian Goal of achieving a “United and Free 32 County Nation” by reaching out to their members and promoting pledges and contributions to this year’s Christmas Appeal.  Remember: No donation is too smallNo donation is too great!

Brothers, please ask yourselves these important questions:

  • What did you do with the Christmas Appeal packet that was mailed out to you?
  • Did you address the importance of supporting this worthy endeavor among your members?
  • Have you been actively seeking commitments from your respective Boards and members for pledges and monetary donations?
  • Are you periodically sending out reminders through your email system?
  • Are you doing everything possible to help achieve our goal in promoting the unification of the Irish People?

Again, Paul Gowdy and I would like to encourage all Hibernians to recommit themselves in making every effort this year to support this worthy and extremely important initiative.  For your convenience, below is a pdf of the 2014-2015 Christmas Appeal Form.

Greg Seán Canning

National Director & FFAI Co-Chairman


P.S.  As a reminder —

All donations for the Christmas Appeal are to be made out to “AOH FFAI Christmas Appeal”.  Payments should be sent to Paul Gowdy at 13201 Rosselo Ave., Warren, MI 48088-3154. FFAI Co-Chairman Paul Gowdy is in charge of collecting all Donations.

Organizations requesting financial support should contact Greg Seán Canning at 4530 Caladium Court, Kissimmee, FL 34758-2156 or through the following email: FFAI Co-Chairman Greg Seán Canning is in charge of receiving all Applications for Financial Support.

FFAI 2014 Packet