Formation of Florida’s First Major Degree Team

The Innisfail Degree Team

Degree Emblem

The Innisfail Degree Team Members are as follows:

  • Ard-Righ:  Greg Seán Canning  (Brevard 2)
  • Brehan:  Joseph Sandefur  (Hernando 1)     [B/U Neil Gallery]
  • Bard:  Terrence McGowan  (Hernando 1)     [B/U Lew Hartman]
  • Ollamh:  Dan McKinnon  (Pasco 1)     [B/U Bob Blanchard]
  • Chief Of Escort:  Michael Higgins   (Hernando 1)     [B/U Micheal Maurer]
  • Guard:  Bob Criste   (Hernando 1)
  • Guard:  Bob Blanchard  (Pasco 2)
  • Guard:  Matt McNamee   (Hernando 1)
  • Guard:  Michael Owens   (Hernando 1)
  • Guard:  Michael Maurer   (Hernando 1)
  • Guard:  Lew Hartman   (Hernando 1)
  • Sentinel:  Neil Gallery   (Hernando 1)
  • Secretary/Prompter:  Jim Cahill   (Hernando 1)
  • Backup:  Bill Kane   (Hernando 1)

Any Brother who has made his Major Degree and is interested in joining Florida’s First Degree Team should contact  any of the following:  State Vice President Jim Cahill (484-686-8044), State President Greg Seán Canning (201-787-6650), or State Organizer President Dennis McKenna (772-323-3344).


Degree Team News for the State of Florida

celtic_warrior 3 b

 The May 2014 Savannah, GA Major Degree Brothers

Twenty Brothers from Florida representing various Divisions traveled to Savannah, GA on May 17, 2014 and took The Major Degree of our Order.  State President Greg Seán Canning also traveled to Savannah to support our Brothers as they made this important commitment to our Order.  The Degree ceremony was conducted by the South Carolina Degree Team.  Due to this important event, Florida was able to begin the process of forming Florida’s first Major Degree Team.  Those Florida Brothers who made their Major Degree are as follows:

Dan McKinnon of Pasco 1
Robert Blanchard of Pasco 2
Michael Whitley of Pasco 2
Richard Hewitt of Brevard 2
Michael Higgins of Hernando 1
Michael Owens of Hernando 1
Robert Criste of Hernando 1
Cornelius Gallery of Hernando 1
William Carlan of Hernando 1
John Clooney of Hernando 1
Joseph Sandefur of Hernando 1
Lewis Hartman of Hernando 1
Peter Mullen of Palm Beach 1
Michael O’Connor of Palm Beach 1
Douglas Bowe of Palm Beach 1
Joe Donahue of Martin 1
Michael O’Connor of Martin 1
Patrick McKenna of Martin 1
Tierney Clark of Martin 1