Welcome to the New Florida State Website


On behalf of our State Webmaster Michael Shilale and myself, welcome to our New Florida AOH State Website.  Brother Michael is hard at work adding important information, links, activities, official documents and rosters for the benefit of our Brothers throughout Florida.

The official documents include our National Constitution, State By-Laws, Application, Form 9, Form 11, Initiation Ritual, Membership Directory, Open-Close procedures for Divisions, Order forms for Jewelry and Books, Ritual at a Wake, Form 40, Transfer Card, Division Voucher forms, Form 990-N (e-Postcard), Instructions for 990, Blue Book, Chaplain’s Hand Book, Installation of Officers, Organization Guide, Robert’s Rules, and IRS Tax Recognition Form.

In order to access this information — all State and Division Officers, Chairmen, Organizers, and past State Presidents should have received both a user name and a password to log into the “members only section” of the Website.  If for any reason you did not receive this information or misplaced it, please contact State Webmaster Michael Shilale as soon as possible.

Brother Michael Shilale will continue providing periodic updates and overseeing the development of our State Website, which was designed and implemented by Brother Joe McDonald (our National Webmaster).  Offering his assistance to our State Board, Brother Joe spent many hours unlocking and removing the Old Florida State Website and establishing the new one.

Following the server crash that took place Thursday evening on March 28, I cannot begin to express adequately my appreciation to both Brother Michael Shilale for the many hours spent in restoring our State Website and Brother Joseph McDonald for his assistance and guidance during this challenging period.  Since the restored site is now on a new and dedicated server instead of a shared server, the previous problem should not repeat itself.  There is also a noticeable speed increase.

Should you have any important information concerning events or activities that you would like to see posted on this Website — please contact Brother Michael and provide him with a brief writeup and some pictures (should you have any).

In Friendship, Unity, & Christian Charity
Greg Seán Canning
Gríoghár Seán Ó Canannáin
Florida State President of the Ancient Order of Hibernians